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JPMA developers of the WICShopper mobile app

Check balances,purchase history, and make S/FMNP payments

But first... Does my program support this app?

The SFMNP app is currently only supported in the Washington Senior’s Farmers Market Program.  But we hope to add new SFMNP and FMNP programs in the 2024 season, so please check back!

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How it works

SFMNP Benefit Balance

Real-time Benefits Tracking

S/FMNP participants can effortlessly keep track of their benefit balances. The app allows participants to conveniently check  remaining benefits at any time and plan shopping trips accordingly.

SFMNP Make a Purchase with QR Code<br />

Simple S/FMNP Electronic Purchases

Ready to make a purchase? Participants can show the farmer the QR code they need to make the purchase happen. After the farmer scans the participant’s QR code in FarmMarket Direct and the sale is complete, the participant’s new balance will available in the app within minutes.

SFMNP Purchases

Purchase History

Participants can view the last 90 days of S/FMNP purchases and see which local farmers they’ve supported.

SFMNP Benefit Balance

Banners and Ad-Hoc Push Notifications

Participants can receive real-time push notifications or view banner’ updates about program changes, market schedules, food recalls, and seasonal offerings, ensuring they never miss out on the program’s benefits.

SFMNP Vendor Listing<br />

Where and When to Shop

Participants can view locations and and get turn-by-turn directions to farmers markets, farm stands, honey stands, and more.  Agencies can update JPMA with new locations and market schedules that will appear to participants in the app real-time.

This app works with CDP's Farm Direct solution

JPMA’s SFMNP app currently works with Custom Data Processing’s (CDP’s) Farm Direct solution, which provides S/FMNP programs with full redemption transaction processing, settlement, and reporting at no cost to the farmer

Questions?  Learn more about CDP’s FarmMarket Direct here.  

Information Exchange

Support and Feedback

Participants can use the app to reach out to agencies directly, seeking assistance or providing valuable feedback, ultimately helping agencies refine and improve their services.

SFMNP Supports 22 languages

Accessibility in 22 Languages

With many thanks to the Washington State DOH, the S/FMNP app has been proffesionally translated into 22 languages, breaking down language barriers and ensuring that critical information reaches participants regardless of their linguistic background.

Nutritional Guidance

Agencies can deliver nutritional advice and meal planning tips, empowering participants to make healthier choices at the farmers’ market and beyond.


About JPMA

JPMA created the first mobile application for participants of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) participants in 2014.  WICShopper been under continuous development and modernization since .  WICShopper has had over 3 Million downloads with 4.85% possitive reveiws (the negative ones are generally “Doesn’t support my state”.

JPMA set a new standard for technology companies working with public assistance programs.  Tell us the message your participants need, and we will handle the rest within a couple of hours.  We build creative banners based on agency’s concepts and handle the the custom push notifications agencies need to commicate with assistance participants. 

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